The following core programs are always available to be booked:
The monthly check-up:
- once a month audit of your import freight invoices and entry packages
- review of CF28s
- any problem shipments or questions that might come up can be reviewed and discussed

 Tailor made on site, 6 hour training session, import topic of your choosing.

The Compliance Commitment:
A 12 month program that will provide your company with a complete overhaul of your international shipping! We will evaluate your processes, audit past files, review your HTS numbers, write up your company SOPs -if needed-, train your staff and make sure you understand your "reasonable care" responsibilities as required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection!

The 3-date-audit (US-Germany-US):
A great way to improve communications with your home office and/or suppliers in Germany!Let us help you improve by reviewing your processes, eliminate repetitive questions and become more compliant with U.S. Customs regulations.

1. Date (U.S.): Initial local meeting to discuss your import shipments/projects, needs and challenges.

2. date (Germany): Meeting with your contact(s) overseas to review, discuss and improve understanding of shipping procedures and needs.

3. date (U.S.): Local review and recommendation on how procedures can be improved and assistance in implementing them.

Importer's Basic Seminar

online course

Learn the key elements of importing into the U.S., which includes classification, duty payment, record keeping, U.S. Customs expectations of "your reasonable care" and the role of your Customs broker.

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LUNCH + LEARN = Import Compliance

online course

Don't have time to take a day to travel to a seminar? Join our 6 week course starting February 26th! 

We will go over the complete import process and review your processes as we go! All during lunch time, from the comfort of your own desk.

Course price includes a reference book and two one-on-one sessions with the instructor - a licensed Customs broker.

We will provide you with a better understanding of your import transactions -from pickup overseas to the delivery to your dock.
You will be given the tools to audit your broker, in turn preparing you in case of an audit of your records by CBP. We will go over participant’s entry

packages and shipping challenges, providing you with a mini audit & learning from other attendees' scenarios!
You will recognize loopholes in your procedures and have the confidence to address them and maybe even save your company some money by

streamlining processes! Course takes place October 30th - December 11th 2019 (no class the week of Thanksgiving) with new narrated modules dropped each Wednesday @ 11:30am and the instructor available for questions!