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At FrontWest we want our customers to understand the basics of importing into the U.S.

Be comfortable with your processes and have a solid understanding of your responsibility to CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection). 

We offer training in various online formats.

End result will be peace of mind and money saved! 

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Our September "live" online course schedule, complete info on our "importer training" tab:
This course starts September 16th - October 21st
Course price includes a reference book and two one-on-one sessions with the instructor, a licensed Customs broker.

Importer’s Basics - 1. September @ 9:00
We will discuss the key compliance elements of importing into the U.S., which include classification, duty payment, record keeping, U.S. Customs expectations of "your reasonable care" and the role of your Customs broker. Questions are always welcome and may be send in ahead of time!

Wareneinfuhr in die USA - 1. September @ 13:00
Wir werden die wichtigsten Compliance Elemente des Imports in die USA besprechen.