Who we are

Michelle Small founded FrontWest Customs Brokerage & Services LLC after many years in the international freight forwarding industry.

Small was born in Alabama, USA, but spent most of her childhood and early adult years in Kassel, Germany. After completing school in Germany, Small started with one of the major cargo airlines in exports, learned imports with one of the leading freight forwarders and has now combined this knowledge to create her own smaller independent outfit. She is also a licensed Customs broker.

FrontWest Customs Brokerage & Services LLC wants to help small to mid-sized companies move their cargo more efficient and more compliant. Bigger freight forwarding companies and their brokerage departments often times are more focused on their bigger accounts and the volume it brings. Here you are the big fish - the focus- your imports are handled by a properly trained import specialist, from beginning to end. Not with volume in mind, but customer service and compliance. Additionally FrontWest offers a variety of educational training and consulting sessions for importers to help with cost saving initiatives, risk assessment and compliance goals.     

FrontWest Customs Brokerage & Services LLC holds memberships with the German Professional Women's Association and German American Chamber of Commerce - Michigan Chapter.

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