Get the tools to review your process and audit your broker yourself!

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You get all the tools, a helping hand, meetings & an audit. I will even write you a SOP!

Services in German

Services in German

A LCB in Germany!

Customs Compliance Course

🗓️ Kassel - September 8th, 8:30am - noon


📝 The 3-date-audit (US-Germany-US)

A great way to improve communications with your home office and/or suppliers in Germany! Let us help you improve by reviewing your processes, eliminate repetitive questions and become more compliant with U.S. Customs regulations.

1. Date (U.S.): Initial local meeting to discuss your import shipments/projects, needs and challenges.

2. date (Germany): Meeting with your contact(s) overseas to review, discuss and improve understanding of shipping procedures and needs.

3. date (U.S.): Local review and recommendation on how procedures can be improved and assistance in implementing them.Type your paragraph here.

Outline of this guided training and audit program, which includes 3 meetings with a licensed Customs broker and the audit of ten of your entry packages:
​Intake conversation
Provide FWLLC with up to ten entry packages to review and complete the importer questionnaire. Our review includes:
- Review of the commercial invoices
- Review of the CF7501 data
- Review of tariffs
- How is needed information requested and recorded by the Customs broker?
- Is the broker’s billing consistent?
1st meeting 
- Review the import process
- Share findings from the audit
- Q & A
- Establish action items
2nd meeting
- Follow-up to discuss outstanding action items

- presentation of SOP 
- Q & A
Access to our weekly live check-in hour with a LCB, for even further guidance and exchange

​​​​​​​​​​​​Register here:

🗓️ July 20th, 2022 / 9am-noon - online

🗓️ July 20th, 2022 / 1-4pm - Southfield, MI

This in depth course provides you with the tools to review your import processes and audit entries.
You will become really comfortable with all documentation involved -including your own entry package- for each shipment!

​The following is covered:
- Access to our weekly live check-in hour with a LCB
- Classification of goods (and who should not decide on the tariff)
- The commercial invoice
- The CF7501
- CF28s and CF29s
- PGA (partner government agencies)
- Broker audits
- Common reasons for delays
- The importer ACE account 
- ISF and CBP’s “late report” for the importer