FrontWest LLC was started for Importers to have a partner in compliance.

This is done via providing online classes or via the "guided audit" program, tailor made to your company's needs.

Contact training@frontwestcb.com, with any questions you may have.

💻 Importer's Basics Course

ONLY $49!

Learn about the key elements of importing into the U.S., which include classification, duty payment, record keeping, U.S. Customs expectations of "your reasonable care" and the role of your Customs broker. 

​You can take this course anytime in English or German!

✏️ Guided Audit Program 

You get all the tools, a helping hand, meetings & an audit. I will even write you a SOP!
Outline of this guided training and audit program, which includes 3 meetings with a licensed Customs broker and the audit of ten of your entry packages:
​Intake conversation
Provide FWLLC with up to ten entry packages to review and complete the importer questionnaire. Our review includes:
- Review of the commercial invoices
- Review of the CF7501 data
- Review of tariffs
- How is needed information requested and recorded by the Customs broker?
- Is the broker’s billing consistent?
1st meeting 
- Review the import process
- Share findings from the audit
- Q & A
- Establish action items
2nd meeting
- Follow-up to discuss outstanding action items

- presentation of SOP 
- Q & A
Access to our weekly live check-in hour with a LCB, for even further guidance and exchange

​​​​​​​​🗓️ February 24th, 2022 / 9am-noon

Customs Compliance Workshop

Get the tools to review your processes and audit your broker yourself! 

This in depth course provides you with the tools to review your import processes and audit entries.
You will become really comfortable with all documentation involved -including your own entry package- for each shipment!

​The following is covered:
- Access to our weekly live check-in hour with a LCB
- Classification of goods (and who should not decide on the tariff)
- The commercial invoice
- The CF7501
- CF28s and CF29s
- PGA (partner government agencies)
- Broker audits
- Common reasons for delays
- The importer ACE account 
- ISF and CBP’s “late report” for the importer